Disney's Boy Meets World Illuminati
Boy Meets World: Danielle Fishel’s “Doughnut In The Sky” Illuminati Ritual Dance and Poem (Season 1 Episode 4: Cory’s Alternative Friends)

Here we’ll examine the Illuminati, Freemason, and Occult Symbolism from Disney’s Boy Meets World.

We’ll analyze how these actors and actresses from Boy Meets World worship Satan and how they’re Illuminati Puppets being used by the Illuminati.

OK Magazine Google+ Hangout Interview: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AxA-R1k-DjA&feature=plcp


(Danielle Fishel doing an illuminati hand sign at “11:31” http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=AxA-R1k-DjA#t=691s)

On Friday March 22, 2013 OK Magazine interviewed Danielle Fishel about her new show “Girl Meets World”.

During the interview at “11:24” Danielle Fishel said “The cutest thing she did with Rowan Blanchard and Sabrina Carpenter (The two young actresses) was the “doughnut in the sky” dance. And if you look at the picture above this dance has an illuminati hand sign in it that Jay-Z does. And the poem has an illuminati and freemason meaning.

The “doughnut in the sky” dance doesn’t have any physical doughnuts in the dance and in the poem it’s not even about doughnuts falling down from the sky. It’s completely different. This poem isn’t even about doughnuts in any shape or form.

The hand sign for the “doughnuts in the sky” is forming a triangle with your hands which is a pyramid not a circle or an oval. It’s meant to form your hands with a triangle. It’s a symbolic meaning and it’s related to the illuminati that dates back to the Egyptian Gods and Lucifer who fell from Heaven because he didn’t obey God.

Don’t be fooled by their lies. Danielle Fishel and these kids obviously know the difference between a triangle and a circle.

You learn about shapes once you start school. And there’s clearly no mistake or human error while doing this simple dance that anyone can do.

If you can’t form a simple shape with your hands you shouldn’t even be an actor/actress. If they make up an excuse and you believe them I don’t know what to say to you.


(http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=AxA-R1k-DjA#t=695s “11:35” is this part above when the dance starts with the illuminati hand sign)

In the beginning of the dance you can see the two young actresses Rowan Blanchard (the one in the middle wearing pink), and Sabrina Carpenter (the one on the right with blonde hair) showing OK Magazine that they learned how to do the “doughnut in the sky” dance that Danielle Fishel did on her show.

If you look closely you can see that Sabrina Carpenter (the one on the right) is clearly not doing the “doughnut in the sky” properly she’s actually doing a circle.

In the middle you can see that Rowan Blanchard is doing a triangle which is not a circle or an oval. Sabrina Carpenter is doing a circle which is on purpose to fool the viewers making you believe that it could of just been a hand sign mistake which is not.


(http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=AxA-R1k-DjA#t=708s “11:48” is this part above when the dance ends with the illuminati hand sign)

At the end of the dance you can see that Rowan Blanchard (the one in the middle wearing pink), and Sabrina Carpenter (the one on the right with blonde hair) ended the dance with the illuminati hand sign. If you look at Sabrina Carpenter (the one on the right) her hands formed a triangle which is not a circle and you can see it clearly if you compared it with the previous picture. This dance was meant to form a triangle with your hands not a circle or an oval.

The “doughnut in the sky dance” that Danielle Fishel was talking about was aired on October 15th 1993. This episode is called Cory’s Alternative Friends (Season 1 Episode 4).


On Boy Meets World Season 1 Episode 4 called “Cory’s Alternative Friends” at “07:55” Danielle Fishel does the “doughnut in the sky” dance which has an illuminati sign in it that Jay-Z does.

Boy Meets World Season 1 Episode 4 full episode of Cory’s Alternative Friends:


On this episode you will clearly see a triangle being formed by Danielle Fishel two times (one during the beginning and one at the end) when she was 12 or 13 years old. 

As you can see this doughnut in the sky dance and poem has an illuminati and freemason meaning.

Danielle Fishel’s Doughnut In The Sky Poem:

Sun. The only. The one.

Doughnut in the sky.

Space. Big gaping place.

Without. Within. Our skin.

Doughnut in the sky.

Freon. Fluorocarbon.

Humpback whale. So pale.

Exhaust. Is all lost?

Doughnut in the sky.


(http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=-w4NsIfC6mc#t=469s “07:49” pointing her finger to her God)

In the beginning of the poem “Sun. The only. The one”. This part is about:


sun worshipping and Horus, the Egyptian God. And the all-seeing eye came from Horus.

When Danielle Fishel is pointing one of her fingers in the air and doing the ”Doughnut in the sky” this is referred to…


Lucifer, also known as the “Fallen Angel” or the “Morning Star”. So when Danielle Fishel points her fingers in the air it also means the morning star and that she’s looking for Lucifer because Danielle Fishel needs Lucifer to stay close to her. Since it relates to part of the poem “Space. Big gaping place”.

Lucifer and Satan are both used in the same way. Lucifer was part of the 1/3 of the angels who fell from Heaven. After Lucifer fell from Heaven his name changed to Satan. Before he fell from Heaven his name was Lucifer. The reason he fell from Heaven because he sinned and disobeyed God.


Here you can see Ben Savage and Danielle Fishel sad while taking a picture with Mickey.

This shows the pain and suffering they’ve been through while working in the entertainment industry and working for Disney.

That’s why you can see Mickey smiling because Disney was able to use Ben Savage and Danielle Fishel as illuminati puppets.

On the bottom left corner of this picture you can see the morning star and the all-seeing eye. So there’s Lucifer disguised as the morning star and Horus disguised as the all-seeing eye. The all-seeing eye has other meanings as well such as the eye of Satan. The all-seeing eye also represents the illuminati from the U.S dollar bill.

You can also notice that Ben Savage and Danielle Fishel are holding easter eggs and there are easter baskets behind them. This symbolizes…


the mocking of the resurrection of Jesus. Because when you sell your soul and work for Disney you have to surrender yourself to Satan and abandon Jesus and mock him and all other religions. That’s why they’re not happy and they’re forced to worship Satan whether they like it or not.


Just like Lil Wayne mocking Christ.

Below is a picture from Lil Wayne’s music video called “Love Me”.


Lil Wayne single “Love Me” (featuring Drake and Future) appears to be another rap song about easy girls and so forth. The symbolism of the video however adds a more sinister dimension to the song: It directly refers to Monarch Mind Control, specifically Kitten Programming, and even refers to its techniques. We’ll look at the symbolism of Lil Wayne’s “Love Me”.

As we’ll see in this article, the video contains ALL of the possible symbolism relating to Kitten Programming and it also emphasizes the slave status of the women in the video. Lil Wayne’s girls are literally locked in cages and depicted as animals. They are also shown in situations that subtly allude to actual MK torture techniques that used to traumatize slaves and cause them to dissociate from reality. Of course, everything is portrayed in a cool and fashionable matter, to make sure young people embrace all of this with even realizing it. Let’s look at the meaning of the video.

This part was taken from: http://vigilantcitizen.com/musicbusiness/lil-waynes-love-me-a-video-glamorizing-kitten-programming/

Now back to the Boy Meets World illuminati dance and poem from Season 1 Episode 4: Cory’s Alternative Friends.


(http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=-w4NsIfC6mc#t=475s “07:55” first illuminati hand sign during the beginning)

When a person forms a pyramid with their hands they are asking Lucifer for more power, energy, fame, and fortune. Showing allegiance that you look up to the illuminati and you’ll help promote the illuminati agendas.

It also shows that the illuminati will achieve New World Order and that the entertainment and music industry is runned by satanic worshippers part of the illuminati bloodlines and secret societies.

You can see in the picture above it’s clearly a triangle not a circle or an oval.


(Picture taken from http://nyisdkiaszemed2012.blogspot.ca/2012/11/anton-lavey-church-of-satan.html)

Here’s Anton LaVey, he’s the founder of the Church of Satan.



On Walpurgisnacht of 1966, Anton LaVey began the Church fort of Satan. Beforehand, he had given lectures from his home, the infamous Black House, charging two dollars for admittance. He formed a “Magic Circle” with his closest associates. It was soon suggested to LaVey that he had enough material to start an organized religion.

The Church of Satan attracted a great deal of publicity. Its use of nude women as altars, and performances of a Satanic wedding and funeral service, brought it much attention. Anton LaVey shaved his head and wore a white clerical collar, sometimes even wearing horns to complete the image of the Devil incarnate. His flamboyant personality attracted many followers and admirers.

In 1969, LaVey published The Satanic Bible, which, even to this day, remains the most authoritative literature on the subject of Satanism, outlining the basic concepts, philosophy and rituals of the religion. A companion book, The Satanic Rituals, published in 1972, presents an array of rituals associated with Satanism throughout the ages, but not necessarily central to the Church’s belief system. LaVey also released other literature to further expand on the ideology, namely The Satanic Witch (previously published as The Compleat Witch), and 2 essay anthologies: The Devil’s Notebook and Satan Speaks!

This part was taken from:




Here’s Jay-Z’s doing it.


And Beyonce.


And even Kanye West.


When you form a triangle with your hands it’s actually a pyramid and this is the symbol of the illuminati.





Jay-Z’s video called “Run This Town” (featuring Rihanna and Kanye West) contains occult symbolism relating to secret societies. It has been long rumored that Jay-Z is part of some sort of occult order (probably Freemasonry) due to the hints slipped in his songs and his imagery. ”Run This Town” certainly adds fuel to the fire.

This part was taken from: http://vigilantcitizen.com/musicbusiness/jay-zs-run-this-town-and-the-occult-connexions/


Founded on May 1, 1776, the organization created by Adam Weishaupt blurred the line between “spiritual” and “political” Secret Societies. By  mixing the occult sciences of Freemasonry and Rosicrucianism while conspiring to achieve precise political goals, the Illuminati became an actor on the world stage. While most Secret Societies of the time catered to rich people and their fascination with occultism, the Bavarian Illuminati actively sought to profoundly change the world.

Secret Societies have existed throughout the course of history, each of them with different aims and with different roles in society. While the Egyptian mystery schools were part of the Egyptian institution, other groups were secret due to their subversive and conspiratorial aims.

Taken From: http://vigilantcitizen.com/hidden-knowledge/the-order-of-the-illuminati/


Here’s a great documentary about the illuminati and its origins.



Here’s a documentary that’s almost 3 hours long that explains the meaning of the United States dollar bill, it’s history, and why these symbols were chosen to be on the U.S. dollar bill.



Here’s an interview of a freemason that admits he worships Lucifer.



Here’s an interview where Katy Perry even says that she sold her soul to the devil.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=zzakoTVZlE0#t=115s (at “1:55”)


Fox news even reported that Katy Perry’s dad calls her a “Devil Child”.


Now back to the illuminati dance and poem from Boy Meets World.


(http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=-w4NsIfC6mc#t=486s “08:06” Danielle Fishel using her lipstick to draw a circle around her face which is a ritual circle and an upside down cross inside the circle)

During the dance and the middle of the poem you can see that Danielle Fishel uses her lipstick and draws a circle around her face and an upside down cross inside the circle.

In this particular situation this circle is being used as a ritual circle. In the occult a circle always represents a boundary of power. If you see a symbol enclosed in a circle, more times than not it is a symbol of the occult. It is a common practice for those who claim to have outer body experiences to draw a circle around their bodies before leaving so that nothing else can enter it while they are away.

So meaning that since there’s a symbol inside a circle which is an upside down cross it is an occultic symbol (Having a meaning to the illuminati and secret societies that the public doesn’t understand).

The Upside down cross symbolizes mockery and rejection of Jesus. So this means that this is also a satanic illuminati ritual.

Upside down Cross & Ritual Circle:



Taken from the Church of Satan:

The reversed cross is often seen by Christians as symbolic of St. Peter since legend states that he was crucified upside down (at his own request) by the Romans and thus it also can serve as symbolic of the office of the pope of the Roman Catholic Church. Literature has long depicted anyone who has embraced Satan and thus rejected Jesus as having embraced the reversed cross as symbolic of that act. Satanists are free to employ any symbols which they feel have resonance, so if such an upside-down cross has personal meaning they could use it.



(http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=-w4NsIfC6mc#t=496s “08:16” bowing down on one knee to the illuminati)

Near the end of the poem Danielle Fishel goes down on one knee while Ben Savage is sitting down on the chair and reads out “Exhaust. Is all lost?”

This is referenced to MK-Ultra/Monarch Programming that these actors/actresses, music artist, and fashion models must go through while working in the entertainment industry.

This programming happens behind cameras and behind the news.

There are other TV shows and movies that depict MK-Ultra/Monarch Programming by electroshocking, doing types of torturing, certain types of drug abuse, etc.

This would mean that Danielle Fishel has lost herself and created alter personalities of herself (Acting and dressing differently, change in human behavior, physcial and emotional changes, different mindset and thought process).

This happens behind cameras and behind the news.

There may be a time where you can notice that they’ve gone through MK-Ultra/Monarch Programming by examining certain things they’ve done. Almost all the times it’s undetectable. But showing butterfly symbolism shows that they’ve gone through this programming.

Here are links below to learn and understand MK-Ultra/Monarch Programming.





It’s also recommended to read the PDF from Fritz Springmeier to understand more about MK-Ultra/Monarch programming.



Here’s a great documentary on Monarch Programming.



(Starts at “4:33” http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=HLTsdC0lasc#t=273s)

Roseanne Barr is an outspoken actress and comedienne who never shied away from tackling difficult and controversial issues, even if that meant being unpopular or being tagged as “crazy” by mass media. While I can’t say that I agree with all of her views, she remains one of the very few people in Hollywood who dare talking about its most damning issue: MK ULTRA.

Roseanne talked about the dark side of the entertainment industry and directly mentioned MK ULTRA as being a major force in Hollywood.

Roseanne basically says that Hollywood stars are terrified of using their status to speak out about important issues because there’s a “culture of fear” going on there, where “speaking out” almost automatically equals being shunned from the industry and having one’s career destroyed.

More importantly she adds:

“It’s also a big culture of Mind Control. MK ULTRA Mind Control rules in Hollywood.”

Taken From: http://vigilantcitizen.com/latestnews/roseanne-barr-mk-ultra-mind-control-rules-in-hollywood/image

One celebrity that you can tell that went through MK-Ultra/Monarch Programming is Amanda Bynes.



(This picture was from another episode. Not the same episode as “Cory’s Alternative Friends”)

As you can see in the picture above Danielle Fishel’s skirt has butterflies on it. Butterflies symbolize that they’ve been through this type of programming. Especially in the entertainment and music industry.

"When a person is undergoing trauma induced by electroshock, a feeling of light-headedness is evidenced; as if one is floating or fluttering like a butterfly."

At this point, the victim reaches dissociation, where they are disconnecting from the pain. This explains the ‘love’ for butterflies.

Butterfly symbolism shows the MK-Ultra/Monarch Programming behind cameras and behind the news. The reason this project was named Monarch Programming is because the victim undergoes a similar transformation that a monarch butterfly would.


(This was taken from Danielle Fishel’s Popsugar dating guide video http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=VQhd6x96XqE#t=126s at “2:06”)

As you can see in this picture above you can see Danielle Fishel is dressed in a way that resembles her own teenage years on Boy Meets World.

This look is similar to the episode where Danielle Fishel is wearing a skirt with butterflies on it which references to MK-Ultra/Monarch Programming and that she’s been through this programming.

This is also referenced to her alter personality where new personalities can be created by this type of programming. Behind her you can see butterflies on her wall and you can see that she’s dressed in her teenage years referencing to alter personalities.

Now back to the Boy Meets World illuminati dance and poem.


(http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=-w4NsIfC6mc#t=499s “08:19” second illuminati hand sign at the end)

Here you can see the poem and dance ends with “Doughnut in the Sky” with the illuminati hand sign.

We’ll now move on and show some masonic symbolism from the Spy Kids 4D movie that Rowan Blanchard was on. This movie was shown in theaters on August 2011. 



If you look at the picture above you can see that there’s a sun face on the window behind her. 

At “0:09” and “0:19” there’s a sun face shown on the window behind her which is a Freemason and Occult symbol.


The sun face is part of an 18th century Masonic ritual painting. It illustrates a symbol that has been central to most major spiritual systems of history. Since the sun god usually reigned over a pantheon of lesser gods. His symbol played a vital part in pagan worship (and in the rituals of occult secret societies) around the world.



Also from the Spy Kids 4D movie trailer at “0:48” there’s a big butterfly decoration at Rowan Blanchard’s front yard which symbolizes Mk-Ultra/Monarch Programming that was explained earlier.



Another picture that’s also from the Spy Kids 4D movie trailer at “0:49” behind Rowan Blanchard on a shelf you can see some kind of crescent moon object that’s more tilted towards an upward position. The crescent moon is also a Freemason and Occult symbol.


The crescent moon is a symbol of the aging goddess (crone) to contemporary witches and victory over death to many Muslims.



The two pictures above show the sun and the moon in Freemasonry. There doesn’t have to be a face on the sun and the moon to make it symbolize a meaning. They still hold important meanings without the faces on them. Such as Sun Worshipping, Day and Night, etc.

Below you can see the crescent moon is also shown on a picture with Baphomet.


Baphomet: It’s a Satanists way of mocking Jesus as the “Lamb” who died for our sins. The Freemasons and Satanist adore the figure of the Baphomet. A half man and a half goat creature which represents the Devil.


This is what 33rd degree Freemason Albert Pike said about Baphomet:

"The Gnostics held that it [universal agent] composed the igneous [pertaining to fire] body of the Holy Spirit, and it was adored in the secret rites of the Sabbat or the Temple under the hieroglyphic figure of Baphomet or the hermaphroditic goat of Mendes".



Basically Baphomet is another type of deity that’s looked up to and worshiped as the devil/satan.

Below you can see:


Sabrina Carpenter paying homage to Baphomet (the Devil/Satan). Just like Madonna by copying Baphomet’s “As Above, So Below” pose.

That’s why you see her standing up on her chair doing that pose while the rest of her classmates are sitting down. Sabrina also resembles Madonna when she was younger.

The gesture of one hand pointing up while the other hand points down, expressing the Hermetic concept “As above, so below,” reflecting how different levels of existence influence on another, whether those levels be intellectual vs. physical, spiritual world vs. material world, or microcosm vs. macrocosm.


Here’s a link that shows other celebrities doing the “As Above, So Below” pose:


The picture of Madonna on the right was taken from the 2012 Superbowl halftime show. Madonna’s half time performance showed alot of illuminati symbolism and meanings that’s significant to the illuminati.


Below you can see Sabrina Carpenter singing.


Sabrina Carpenter is also a singer as well.

She performed Katy Perry’s song “Wide Awake”. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S18sBh4M8SQ

Sabrina Carpenter probably has to go through these types of programming and do other types of things whether she would like it or not since she’s going to be on Disney’s Girl Meets World. That’s what you have to do when you’re in the entertainment industry.


Katy Perry’s song “Wide Awake” is basically about Monarch Mind Control. http://vigilantcitizen.com/musicbusiness/katy-perrys-wide-awake-a-video-about-monarch-mind-control/

Most mainstream media articles on Wide Awake say that it is about Katy Perry “navigating the maze of fame”. While this might be true, the video cannot be completely explained without considering the element of Monarch programming. For instance, why is Perry shown at sitting on a wheelchair, completely “out of it” inside a health institution? Probably because there is more to the video than meets the eye.

Taken from: http://vigilantcitizen.com/musicbusiness/katy-perrys-wide-awake-a-video-about-monarch-mind-control/

Below you can see:


two men with horned heads depicting Baphomet in Katy Perry’s music video.


Below is:


a butterfly in Katy Perry’s dressing room signifying a meaning in her music video.

Katy Perry’s Wide Awake is a prime example of Monarch programming symbolism being promoted in mass media products. While it may be deemed “original” and “imaginative” by many, it is strikingly similar to other MK-themed video analyzed on this site. For instance, Paramore’s Brick by Boring Brick also features a younger (purer) version of the singer, a flurry of butterflies, rooms full of mirrors and so forth. Why are all of these symbols found in these unrelated videos (any countless others)? It is because these symbols are, in fact, related: They are symbols of Monarch Programming mind control. This is the common thread uniting these symbols. It also explains the otherwise puzzling plots of the videos.

Although it is probably the most disgusting and vicious concept known to man, Monarch programming is often referenced in popular culture. And, since Monarch programming is one of the ways the occult elite keeps a stranglehold on many areas, including the entertainment industry, it is often subtly glamorized in mass media. Most people let all of this imagery go straight to their minds without even understanding its true meaning. However, there is one way to not allow these unwanted messages to reach our brains: Be TRULY wide awake.

Taken from: http://vigilantcitizen.com/musicbusiness/katy-perrys-wide-awake-a-video-about-monarch-mind-control/


In this picture above you can see the young actor Teo Halm on the right.

Teo Halm has worked primarily in commercials and is also filming the upcoming James Franco-directed biopic on the late German writer Charles Bukowski, in which he plays a young Frank Sullivan.

Taken from:


Since Teo Halm is going to be on Girl Meets World he’s definitely going to be an illuminati puppet because of the illuminati symbolism shown on Boy Meets World. So Teo Halm will have to worship satan and possibly join a secret society such as the “freemasons”. He’s going to have to participate in rituals and ceremonies, be a monarch mind control slave, and do certain things whether he wants to or doesn’t want to.

If Teo Halm is working with James Franco he’ll be working with an illuminati puppet who promotes the illuminati’s agendas.

Below you can see:


James Franco doing the all-seeing eye.

He’s directing a short film that Teo Halm will be on.


James Franco is also on the Disney movie Oz the Great and Powerful which has illuminati symbolism and has Monarch Programming triggers as well. This film is based off The Wizard of Oz.


The Wizard of Oz movie has an illuminati, freemason, and occult meaning. The entire story of the Wizard of Oz is an allegorical tale of the soul’s path to illumination – the Yellow Brick Road. In Buddhism (an important part of Theosophical teachings) the same concept is referred to as the “Golden Path”.

Taken From: http://vigilantcitizen.com/moviesandtv/the-occult-roots-of-the-wizard-of-oz/


There’s Illuminati symbolism in James Franco’s ‘Love in the Old Days’ video. This picture shows a satanic ritual that’s important to the illuminati and these secret societies.

James Franco has a band called ‘Daddy’ and they released a video with so much over-the-top satanic and Illuminati symbolism. The entire thing is a satanic ritual, but the video starts with the theme of the candle and flame, which is the Illuminati symbol meaning the “illuminated” ones. Lucifer was the light-bearer and devil, so the satanic rituals are sure to include the flame throughout.

James Franco and Tim O’Keefe ”Love in the Old Days” (Ted James 1999 Remix)


Taken from: http://illuminatiwatcher.com/?p=6136


Here’s Ben Savage and Rider Strong thanking their fans for winning an award at the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards 2000 for favorite TV friends.


On the picture below at the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards 2000 you can see Ben Savage doing the all-seeing eye.


You can notice in the picture you can see that he’s using an object to do the all-seeing eye sign.

That object is not the same object that they won for favorite TV friends. This picture might of been taken before the show, during the show, or backstage somewhere.

The all-seeing eye is an illuminati symbol which is one of their symbol used to represent the illuminati and secret societies.

This was done because he has to pledge his allegiance to a secret society like the Freemasons that he may be in. And he also has to thank the illuminati and satan for being an illuminati puppet with Rider Strong.


Here’s Jessica Alba doing the all-seeing eye sign by covering one of her eyes with her fist.

She was also on the Spy Kids 4D movie as well with Rowan Blanchard.


In this picture you can see Danielle Fishel doing the all-seeing eye sign.

Danielle Fishel worships satan and perform rituals and ceremonies. She is a Monarch Programming slave due to the evidence shown. It’s possible that she can be part of a secret society such as the “Freemasons”.

She did get tortured and electrocuted and had to take drugs because of the programming she’s been through. She’ll probably continue to go through this type of programming because she’s doing Girl Meets World.


Below you can see Mickey Mouse doing the All-Seeing Eye sign.


You can also see stars falling down. This symbolizes pentagrams.

This also symbolizes 1/3 of the angels who fell from Heaven and became “fallen angels”.

Below are many celebrities doing the all-seeing eye.



Below you can see:


the All-Seeing Eye inside a pyramid which is the Illuminati symbol.


The all-seeing eye came from the eye of Horus and the pyramid is also from ancient Egyptian mythology.

These things are important to the illuminati and secret societies.

Below you can see:


Danielle Fishel doing the devil hand sign.

This hand sign was created by devil worshippers and she obviously knows that but she’ll cover it up. This hand sign means to praise satan.

This picture was from Danielle Fishel’s official Instagram:


On the picture below you can see Anton LaVey who’s the founder of the church of satan doing the same hand sign.


The Horned Hand or “Cornuto” represents the devil/satan.

It’s similar to the sign for “I love you” but Helen Keller who developed sign language was into Theosophy (founded by satanist Helena Blavatsky). So it actually means ‘I Love You Satan’.

It was popularized in the late sixties by the founder of the Church of Satan who’s Anton LaVey.

Later on it was passed on to the masses by the rock musicians who were into Satanism.

Taken from: http://www.whale.to/b/hand.html


Here on Disney’s Beauty and the Beast there are two females doing the devil hand sign.


Here’s Rihanna doing the devil hand sign. She’s also wearing a skull ring on her hand and her clothing is dark showing evil.


As you can see, Slipknot is a satanic band mocking christ and promoting satanism.

In one of the few pictures above Danielle Fishel was doing the devil hand sign in her instagram photo because she was going to a SlipKnot concert. She encourages violent and satanic behavior and she doesn’t care about her morals.

As you can see the guy in the middle wearing thorns on his head is mocking Jesus.

Below you’ll see the Boy Meets World logo.


On the Boy Meets World logo the world globe is not just a globe but also a freemason symbol.

There’s a belief that certain Latinos or Latina carry the “Mark of the Beast” or “Mark of Cain”. Lucifer was the Angel over arts/music so these people are really talented, very beautiful but also very evil.

Danielle Fishel does look hispanic from the cover she did for Maxim magazine during April.


There was a red triangle made on a part of the Boy Meets World globe because it had something to do with the illuminati and the Bermuda Triangle being called the “Devil’s Triangle”.

There’s a reason why the globe was placed there and there’s more information at:


Danielle Fishel may not be hispanic but she has celebrated “Cinco De Mayo” for her own personal reasons. This was because she had to pay homage to the illuminati and the secret societies.


Below you can see the Boy Meets World globe positioned in the same exact way in freemasonry.


This Masonic symbol appears to have been derived from, or at least to have an allusion to, the Egyptian symbol of the winged globe. There is nothing more common among the Egyptian monuments than the symbol of a globe supported on each side by a serpent, and accompanied with wings extended wide beyond them, occupying nearly the whole of the entablature above the entrance of many of their temples.

We are thus reminded of the globes on the pillars at the entrance of the Temple of Solomon. The winged globe, as the symbol of Kneph, the Creator Sun, an Egyptian myth of a god having the body of a man and the head of a ram, was adopted by the Egyptians as their national device, as the Lion is that of England, or the Eagle of the United States.

Taken from the Encyclopedia of Freemasonry:


She would obviously cover things up and do things secretly. And I don’t think she’s dumb enough to say things in an interview, or in public, or while chatting with certain people.

Below you can see Danielle Fishel with her ex-boyfriend rapper Michael Barber.


Michael Barber is signed with Death Row Records and he has worked with Akon and Nas.


Michael Barber was interviewed by DJ City and the Duke. They asked him about his music connections with Nas and dating Danielle Fishel.

They asked Michael Barber about dating Danielle Fishel

http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=HUaq8vnwMCs#t=364s (at “6:03”)


Here’s Michael Barber’s mixtape cover called: “Michael Barber The Truth” with Danielle Fishel on the right just to prove that they know each other and have dated before.


This picture was taken from Michael Barber’s illuminati music video. Danielle Fishel’s ex-boyfriend knows things about the illuminati since he made this music video for a reason.

This video has scenes about various things related to the illuminati.

In the video Mickey Mouse is shown at “0:24”


This Mickey Mouse has a devils tail and he’s holding dirty money and dressed like a pimp. This shows how evil Disney is.

Below you can see that Boy Meets World aired on Disney Channel and ABC Family.


The illuminati New World Order chart shows corporations, companies, secret societies and other industries that are being used by the illuminati.

Below is a great book by Fritz Springmeier called: Bloodlines of the Illuminati.


You can learn about the 13 bloodlines of the illuminati by reading this book.

You can read the free copy here:


Here’s more information about the Bloodlines of the Illuminati:



Below you can see Disney’s Club 33 that’s located in Disneyland.



This video introduces Disneyland’s Club 33 and provides interesting information about the exclusive club’s design.

The name of the club itself is very evocative of Freemasonry. 33 is indeed a sacred and symbolic number in Masonic lore.

For this reason, the Scottish Rite is comprised of 32 regular degrees and an honorary 33rd degree. This exalted degree is only reserved to the most distinguished Freemasons (some say Disney was a 33rd Degree Mason) the same way Club 33 is reserved to Disney’s “most distinguished” guests.

Taken From: http://vigilantcitizen.com/latestnews/disneyland-update-secrets-of-club-33-video/

Below you can see Vanessa Hudgens having exclusive access to dine at Walt Disney’s Club 33.




Below is a picture from a video that examines the history of Walt Disney and his illuminati and freemason connections.



Below are a few examples of Disney shows showing illuminati symbolism.


On Disney’s Suite Life of Zack and Cody you can see that there’s illuminati written on the chalkboard behind them. This episode is called “Nugget of History” from Season 2, Episode 32.

Here’s the video (at “01:09”):


On Disney’s Ducktales the eye chart in the background reads “Ask About Illuminati.” It then changes throughout the scene. You use “ONE EYE” when reading eye charts. This Episode is called “Yuppy Ducks”.


The Walt Disney “666” meaning Lucifer, the “Mark of the Beast” and it’s also talked about in the Bible and is obviously an evil number. The Walt Disney logo was created in a way that it could secretly show the “666” which is “Hidden in plain sight”.

A Disney DVD movie called Detective Minnie shows Goofy falling off a skateboard and under the skateboard there’s an all-seeing eye.


Below you can see Ben Savage hanging out with some of the cast of Jersey Shore.


(Picture taken from http://www.buzzfeed.com/mask824/boy-meets-shore-kwh)

Ben savage hanged out with a few of his illuminati puppet friends a few years back who were on the show Jersey Shore.

Ben Savage obviously does secret things that the public doesn’t know about and he probably knows things about selling your soul to the devil to be in the entertainment industry.


Here’s Snooki telling Ben Savage to fist pump.



Snooki even admits it on webcam telling all her fans.


http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=WF0Djs_bj_Y#t=136s (at “2:16”)

Below are some illuminati symbolism from some of the cast members of Jersey Shore.



Below you can see JWoww doing a masonic handshake with a Freemason.



You can notice that Jwoww is wearing a Jersey that says “33” which means “33rd Degree” in freemasonry. So the handshake that Jwoww did with that person was a reenactment of what freemasons do to pay homage to them.

Here’s a video that exposes the illuminati symbolism on Jersey Shore.



After a premiere of Jersey Shore MTV Live was on. You can see the Masonic Compass and Square behind Nicole Holness and Daryn Jones.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=JFvw4055RX0#t=5s (at “0:05”)

Below is a picture of Lupe Fiasco.


Lupe Fiasco calls out MTV as “illuminatis favorite network”:

Lupe Fiasco spoke his mind on Twitter about the network on October 21st, 2010.

Oh snap…MTV (illuminati’s favorite network) back on the attack…why can’t y’all just chill out? Salacious banality @ the speed of light? I think I’ve been very good natured with you. I personally know several employees of your company. You guys know me as well. I’m confused. Where is the true music journalism??? where is Suchin?!! What happened? Where are the honest critiques of cultural expression? For it’s not about being RIGHT it’s about being HOT. Fame over self-awareness and virtue. Hedonism over self respect. Celebrity over cerebral. A destroying force in our culture and society just like rest of the useless vapid spectacles that pour out of our tv’s and radios.

What are we supposed to be learning from you? What is your point? Do you have a point beyond corporate sponsored distraction? Your a materialistic shell of your former self that can only identify with celebrity pageantry and instant gratification. Corporate garbage pushing plastic lifestyles and wasteful, destructive behavior into the brains of the youth of the world. So when your relevance thins in2 a whisper & the stock price collapses and you have 2 come 2 grips with the mess you made. I’ll be here 4 ya. We’ll be here. With hands full of baby powder 2 smack some sense back into your body & a warm shoulder to cry on. We want the REAL MTV back!

Taken From: http://vigilantcitizen.com/latestnews/lupe-fiasco-calls-mtv-illuminatis-favorite-network/

Below you can see “The Forerunner” who used to be in the entertainment and music industry who went to Toronto, Canada to see MTV studios.



Outside of the studio he discovered obvious masonic symbolism that ties to the illuminati.

Here’s the video so you can see “The Forerunner” exposing MTV.



At “4:07” of the video there are signs of proof that MTV has connections with the Illuminati and Freemasonry.


Below you can see Angus T. Jones from Two and a Half Men who was interviewed by “The Forerunner”.


Angus T. Jones from Two and a Half Men even said not to watch his own show and DO YOUR RESEARCH ABOUT THE EFFECTS OF TELEVISION AND YOUR BRAIN.


With these actors and actresses having to worship the devil and become Illuminati Puppets, engage in rituals and be part of these types of programming and abuse shows how disgusting and satanic the Entertainment Industry is.

You should not watch and support these television shows that show these Illuminati symbolism.

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